All About Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy’s newest book, Search and Destroy, (release date: June 2012) features many of his favorite themes: terrorism, the U.S. Military, and military intelligence.

Note: This title has now been cancelled by the publisher.

Bestselling novelist was not Clancy’s first career, however. According to his publisher, Penguin Books, Clancy started out as an insurance broker with an interest in naval history.

He had always wanted to write a novel and the Hunt for Red October was published 28 years ago in 1984. Ronald Reagan endorsed the book and Clancy became a big hit.

Birthday: April 12, 1947
Well-known characters: Jack Ryan, John Clark, Ding Chavez
College Experience: Graduated in 1965 from Loyola in Maryland
Fun fact: Clancy is part of the Executive Management for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team


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