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All About Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer’s new Dr. Lou Welcome novel, Political Suicide, comes out in January 2013.

According to Palmer’s website, he got such a bad grade on his first college English paper that  he named one of his villains after the professor.

But despite his slow start, Palmer has had 9 novels on the NY Times Bestseller list – and political suicide promises to be number 10.

Palmer is a medical doctor by training and was inspired to start writing by Robin Cook – a fellow Wesleyan University graduate. Palmer’s younger sister helped him identify enjoyable elements of thrillers and the Corey Prescription was born.

Palmer isn’t just a writer, he still uses his medical training at the Massachusetts Medical Society helping doctors struggling with illness or substance abuse get back on track.

Large Print by Best-Selling Authors

Struggling to read regular print copies of your favorite authors? Certain BESTSELLER authors are now available in Large Print.

Large Print editions often come out a month or two after their regular print counter-parts, but the waiting lists are often shorter.

  Forgotten by David Baldacci– Special Agent John Puller is the best and the U.S. Army relies on him to solve the toughest cases, but this time the crime is personal and his aunt’s death is no accident.
Large Print Coming November 2012
 Black Box Black Box by Michael Connelly – Harry Bosch is back investigating a 20 year crime. The 1992 murder of a female photographer during the L.A. riots may be more than an accident.
Large Print Coming November 2012
 Poseidon's Arrow  Poseidon’s Arrow by Clive Cussler – It could be Dirk Pitt’s most dangerous adventure yet. New submarine technology, a missing developer and a sub that disappeared in 1943 combine to make this an exciting adventure novel.
Large Print Coming December 2012
 Notorious Nineteen  Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich – After a slow summer in the bail bond business, Stephanie Plum lands an assignment to bring in an embezzler, but she gets more than she bargained for.
Large Print Coming November 2012
 Private London Private London by James Patterson – Jack Morgan saved beautiful Hannah Shapiro from a horrific death almost a decade ago and now she’s in danger again. Can Private detectives save her?
Large Print Coming December 2012

New Best-Selling Titles Coming to the Scott County Library System

  Threat Vector by Tom Clancy– Jack Ryan is back in the Oval Office and threats in China are looming on the horizon. Cyberwarfare, submarines, and all the top-secret intelligence plots Clancy fans love.
Coming December 2012
  Political Suicide by Michael Palmer – Dr. Lou Welcome from Oath of Office is back  and now he’s embroiled in a murderous scandal. The more information he acquires, the more of a target he becomes.
Coming January 2013
   Alex Cross Run by James Patterson – A plastic surgeon arrested by Alex Cross is out of jail – and out for revenge. And then Alex is called to the scene of a murdered newborn mother and a missing baby. With  multiple investigations going nowhere, will Alex realize he’s in danger before it’s too late?
Coming February 2013
   A Place to Belong by Lauraine Snelling – The final book in the Wild West Wind series promises to resolve the love triangle between the Engstrom brothers and Cassie Lockwood.
Coming April 2013
  Until the End of Time by Danielle Steel – Two lovers four decades apart – do you believe in destiny?
Coming January 2013

Residents of the Quad Cities can click the titles above to place their own holds. Scott County Library System users can join the BESTSELLER Club to be one of the first on the holds list!
Certain authors are also available in Large Print!