All About Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer’s new Dr. Lou Welcome novel, Political Suicide, comes out in January 2013.

According to Palmer’s website, he got such a bad grade on his first college English paper that  he named one of his villains after the professor.

But despite his slow start, Palmer has had 9 novels on the NY Times Bestseller list – and political suicide promises to be number 10.

Palmer is a medical doctor by training and was inspired to start writing by Robin Cook – a fellow Wesleyan University graduate. Palmer’s younger sister helped him identify enjoyable elements of thrillers and the Corey Prescription was born.

Palmer isn’t just a writer, he still uses his medical training at the Massachusetts Medical Society helping doctors struggling with illness or substance abuse get back on track.


2 responses to “All About Michael Palmer

  1. Michael is one of the best writers of medical thrillers around. Thanks for letting us get to know him better.

  2. Thanks Richard! Michael is a great author. Stay tuned for more posts about authors and upcoming titles!
    Christine B. – Librarian

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