Future of Tom Clancy Books

Despite Tom Clancy’s death in early October 2013 at age 66, it appears his legacy will continue under co-writers of his popular series.

Command Authority featuring Jack Ryan Jr. will come out December 3, 2013. Holds have already been placed for Scott County Library System BSC members. It is unclear whether co-writer Mark Greaney will continue the series after Command Authority. Tom Clancy will remain on the BESTSELLER Club until further notice.

Clancy’s Net Force and Splinter Cell series have been written by other authors for quite some time so those may continue to roll off the presses as well.

Clancy, a former Maryland insurance salesman, was catapulted into fame in the 1980s when President Ronald Reagan praised the Hunt for Red October.

Since then, Clancy’s novels have more than 100 million copies in print and several movies have been made. The video games based on his books were so realistic the military used them for training.

Read more about Clancy’s life and writing in his NY Times obituary.

Check out his upcoming release on his official website.



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