Monthly Archives: September 2019

New for December

Looks like our authors are giving us more time for family and friends around the holidays. There are only two new BSC books coming out in December!


Genesis, by Robin Cook
When the body of a twenty-eight-year-old social worker shows up on Chief New York City ME’s, it appears she was the victim of a tragic yet routine drug overdose. But things aren’t adding up. While the ME is sidelined with a medical emergency, her new pathology resident turns to using genealogic DNA databases to track down those who don’t want to be found. But if they get too close to the truth, they might find themselves the killer’s next target.

THE ATTACKThe Attack, by W.E.B. Griffin
In the shadow of downtown Philadelphia, the body of a seventeen-year-old suburban high school cheerleader is found floating in the Delaware River. When Homicide sergeant Matt Payne surveys the scene, he shakes his head at yet another vicious murder in a city that’s suffering a record number of killings. And he knows this one, involving the petite, pretty daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, will play long and loud in the media. Payne races to find the killer before he can unleash an even more savage attack.