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Bestseller Club Author Greg Iles Back to Writing After Life-Threatening Accident

Thriller and crime novelist Greg Iles found himself at a crossroads, literally and figuratively. He was at a stop-sign in Mississippi thinking about which direction to take his next novel when he pulled onto the highway and got hit by another car going 70 mph.

Iles lost his leg and says he came pretty close to dying. After extensive rehab and soul-searching, Iles finished Natchez Burning, the first in a trilogy about unsolved civil rights murders.

In an interview with Book Page, Iles said he is not pulling any punchs in this book. “Life’s too short; I’m not going to play that game. I’m just going to put it down.

natchez burning

In his first published novel in five years, Iles features former prosecutor Penn Cage in rural Mississippi trying to solve the mystery of a late night incident that may get his Atticus Finch-like father charged with murder. The trail points to a group of secretive KK members who call themselves the “Double Eagles” and may have been responsible for a string of unsolved murders in the 1960s.



Unfortunately, several authors from the BESTSELLER Club have died over the course of the last year. Additionally, it appears some BESTSELLER Club authors are no longer publishing new novels. Authors Lori Wick, John Saul, and Judith McNaught will all be removed from the BESTSELLER Club list. If they publish any novels in the future, Scott County Library System will purchase them, but it will be the responsibility of the patrons to place holds as we will not do that automatically.

Author Dr. Michael Palmer dead at 71

Physician Michael Palmer, who began writing in 1978 to escape alcohol and drug addiction, died on October 30, 2013. After retiring from clinical practice in the mid 1990’s he became associate director of the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Physician Health Services, a nonprofit organization that provides doctors with confidential mental health and substance abuse help. The author of such top sellers as Extreme Measures and Natural Causes, he died a day after having a heart attack while returning from an African safari. Read his full New York Times obituary here.

His 20th novel, Resistant, will be published in May and holds have been placed for BSC patrons. No more books are planned, and he will be taken off of the BESTSELLER Club author list.

Crime Novelist Elmore Leonard 1925-2013

Prolific crime novelist Elmore Leonard, author of Get Shorty among others, passed away in his home on August 20, 2013. 60 years into his career he was still writing a book a year, because he said, “It’s fun.” Click here for his full New York Times obituary.

His last book was published in 2012, and there are no more planned for the future, so he will be removed from the BESTSELLER Club author list.


Prolific Romance Author Janet Dailey dead at 69

Janet Dailey, a former secretary who wrote her first novel on somewhat of a dare and became one of the most successful American romance novelists of her time, died on December 14, 2013 due to complications of heart surgery. She was 69. Read her full New York Times obituary here.

She was able to recover from a blow to her career in 1997, when she was sued for copyright infringement after borrowing ideas and passages from two Nora Roberts books. She apologized and explained she had been under immense stress due to her husband’s cancer surgery. The suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

Her last novel, Christmas in Cowboy Country, is scheduled to be published in September, 2014, and holds have been placed for BSC patrons. It is not known at this time if someone else is taking over her legacy, but we will be removing her from the BESTSELLER Club author list. If there are any Dailey books published in the future, Scott County Library will purchase them but fans will be responsible for placing their own holds.

Writer Andrew Greeley 1928-2013

Author Andrew Greeley died in his sleep on May 29, 2013. He was a Roman Catholic priest, a sociologist, a journalist, and a popular novelist. He had been in poor health and under 24 hour care since suffering severe head injuries in 2008, when his clothing caught on the door of a cab as it pulled away and he was thrown to the pavement. Click here to read the full New York Times obituary.

Andrew Greeley had his last work published in 2009 and there are no more books planned, therefore he will be removed from the BESTSELLER Club list.

Vince Flynn Novel Holds

As of this time, the release of two upcoming Vince Flynn novels, Survivor and Untitled, has been postponed indefinitely due to his passing. Bestseller club holds have been placed for these, but these will be the last of the Vince Flynn novels that will be included on the BSC list. We will purchase any Vince Flynn books that are published in the future, but fans will be responsible for placing their own holds.