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All About Karen Kingsbury

Inspirational author Karen Kingsbury is calling her October 2012 debut, the Bridge, her most anticipated novel ever. That’s saying something for this award-winning writer of 50 novels!

The Bridge is about a small-town bookstore trying to make it in the digital age and the power of miracles today.


Kingsbury’s first book was called Missy’s Miracle (1989) and was based on a murder she covered as a reporter in Los Angeles. The book is now out of print, but you can get many of her titles through the Scott County Library System.

Kingsbury is incredibly active on Facebook and Twitter and tries to get her readers involved in her writing. One of her more well-known methods is Life-Changing Fiction, where she auctions off chances to feature as minor characters in her novels. The proceeds go to charity. Kingsbury also actively campaigns for adoption, based on her experiences with her own three adopted children.